High Demand Rate Of Gift Card In Nigeria

The high demand for gift cards in Nigeria is also increasing in line with the demand for cryptocurrencies. The Nigerian gift card market has recorded robust growth during the review period.

The country’s economic expansion supported the gift card market and the overall financial sector’s growth. Moreover, consumers’ perception of the electronic payment system has been changing in recent years.
A gift card most of the time is given out as a present; but let’s be honest, sometimes that gift card misses the mark and people really can’t do much with it, especially in Nigeria. Apparently, gift cards are everywhere now and they are largely issued at grocery stores, Supermarkets, electronic stores, bookstores, websites and malls. Usage of gift cards now is on the rise because these brands use these cards to encourage loyalty and retain new customers. One of the most popular ones is the iTunes gift card. If you happen to have any of these cards or in need of these cards, here’s what you can do.

In Nigeria it’s easy to sell unwanted gift cards but just be careful so you don’t fall victim to online gift card scammers. This has happened to a lot of Nigerians and this article is here to save you from such experiences.
The trend of converting gift cards into bitcoins and then into cash is gaining popularity among the Nigerians. Cryptocurrencies and gift cards are driving the remittance market in Africa, and more specifically in Nigeria. Key players such as Paxful and localbitcion allows Nigerians to trade gift cards offered by domestic players such as Konga or Blessing Computer for bitcoins. Other notable player offering this service in the country is Wiselevis

The constantly evolving nature of cryptocurrency has truly changed the world. People who previously did not have access to financial services are now part of a new system that allows them to control their finances. Consumers are widely accepting alternative payment options such as mobile wallets and electronic money transfer, instead of cash. The presence of the international brands in the Nigerian mobile payment system such as Visa with mVisa platform makes the mobile payment system more competitive. Moreover, it is expected that the global economic slowdown is unlikely to affect Nigeria’s economy and the gift card market in the coming years. Here is a list of the popular gift-cards in Nigeria currently trending in the market; iTunes, Steamwallet, Nordstorm, Amex, Nike, Macys, Ebay, Amazon, Googleplay, Visa, Mastercard, Vanilla, Sephora, Footlocker, Offgamers, Playstation, Wal-mart, SAKS, Bestbuy, Target, Applestore and a few to be mentioned.